• How do offers work?

    If you initiate Caramel checkout, you will be able to set an asking price for your vehicle. If you entered a buyer’s email address in the Information step, your buyer will be notified and able to accept, decline, or counter with a new offer. Regardless, you will receive a personalized link to your asking price in Caramel that you can share with any prospective buyers or include on any of your listings.  This will allow other buyers to easily accept your price and begin the purchase process or respond with a new offer.


    If your buyer initiated Caramel checkout, you will be able to accept, decline, or counter their offer. 

  • How do I start the process and invite a buyer?

    From the Dashboard under Start a New Transaction, click ‘I’m a seller.’ You’ll be asked for your VIN and vehicle details, the price you’d like to sell your car for, and your buyer’s email. From there, we send them an invitation that links your buyer directly to your offer as soon as they sign up or login.

  • Can I invite multiple buyers or add a link to Caramel in my online listings?

    You can.  The buyer email address is optional when you’re creating an offer.  If you leave it blank, you’ll receive a link to your offer that you can send to any buyer or include in your online listings.

  • What if a buyer won an auction for the vehicle I’m selling?

    If you initiate Caramel checkout, you can toggle on the auction switch in the Offer step. This will ensure that your buyer does not have the ability to make a counteroffer.


    If your buyer initiated Caramel checkout, they will be able to do the same.

  • Can multiple people make offers for the same car?

    Yes.  Multiple buyers can offer to buy a car from a seller.  As soon as a seller accepts one or a buyer accepts that seller’s price, all other offers are removed.  If the sale is canceled and any offers remain less than 7 days old, those offers will resurface.