• What is Plaid and how does it work?

    Plaid is a very secure and credible service we partner to make and receive payments electronically with you.  Caramel has no access to your bank account when you use Plaid.  Plaid will guide you to use your bank login information to get connected.  If you have trouble, you’ll enter your account and routing numbers, and Plaid sends you small deposits to verify and connect your account.  Once you confirm the amounts, they’re reversed and you’re set.

  • Once I link my bank account, when will I be paid?

    Upon delivery of your vehicle or title, we send you the first half of your payment. As soon as you deliver the remaining item, we pay you the remaining funds. If within banking hours and early enough in the day, funds will arrive the same day. Otherwise, they’ll arrive the next business day.


    If your buyer picks up their car directly, make sure they click the button in their Dashboard to confirm pick-up before they drive off to ensure you’re paid promptly. 

  • How will I be paid?

    In the Payment step, we connect to your preferred bank account with our partner, Plaid, which allows us to authenticate your account and pay you quickly and securely.


    If you use Caramel, we do not allow in-person payment for the protection of our buyers and sellers.

  • How do I know the exact amount that I will be paid?

    In your Price Breakdown, the amount listed under “You’ll be Paid” is the exact amount that you will be paid.

  • Am I charged anything if I cancel?

    You are only charged a fee, which is $250, if you cancel after your buyer has signed their documents. At this point, the buyer may have gone through hard credit inquiries and paid for insurance. So we discourage cancellations this late in a sale.

  • If I have an extended warranty or service contract on my car, will I get a refund?

    You should be able to receive a refund, though you’ll get it from the company that sold your vehicle protection product.  Contact them directly to cancel once you complete your sale.

  • I have a loan or lease on my car. Will you take care of it?

    No problem. We pay off your loan or lease for you and automatically pay you the difference between your sale price and the payoff amount. Once Caramel submits a seller's loan payoff, it takes on average 5 to 10 business days for the lender to reflect the payoff.


    During the checkout process, we’ll check for loans and leases, and we’ll confirm your lender or lessor and payoff amount. If you owe more than the price of your car minus any fees, we’ll charge you the difference and pay the full amount owed to your lender.  


    If you owe more than your sale price minus fees, we’re unable to provide financing or payment plans for this amount.

  • Why did my pay-off amount change?

    Sometimes we can automatically retrieve the amount you need to pay your existing lender or lessor, and we show you this amount during checkout.  However, we always double check this information by contacting your lender or lessor directly.  If we verify a different amount, we’ll update this number to correct it so your title can be free and clear.