• Can Caramel help with a physical pre-purchase inspection?

    We certainly can.  In fact, Caramel has partnered with LemonSquad to provide our customers with a 20% discount on all LemonSquad pre-purchase mechanical inspections.  Chat us for a quote, and we’ll book the inspection for you if you’d like to proceed.  You’ll typically hear from the inspector within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.

  • Is a self-inspection required?

    A digital self-inspection is optional for sellers in Caramel.  Many sellers do choose to complete one, as it reduces the risk of buyer cancellations at delivery & saves an in-person one. 


    Some lenders require an inspection, and if a buyer selects one we'll notify the seller separately to complete this inspection so their buyer can obtain the loan.

  • What do I need to perform a self-inspection?

    All you need is your vehicle and a smartphone. You will be guided through a walk-around of your vehicle and instructed to take 13 photos of your vehicle.

  • Will my buyer receive a copy of the inspection?

    Yes. A copy of all inspections are sent to buyers, which can often remove the ask for an in-person inspection.

  • I skipped inspection but changed my mind. Can I go back?

    You cannot. Since inspection is your last step, once you skip it your checkout is complete. But you can always send photos directly to your buyer if needed.