• Should I give my title to the buyer or transport company?

    No.  Under no circumstances should you hand over your title, and we recommend you do not bring your title.  Caramel will provide you a prepaid label to send us the title so we can properly transfer the title and register your buyer. 

  • What do I need with me or in my car when I deliver it?

    Please remember to remove all of your personal belongings from the car but leave any manuals, keys and equipment you received with it or otherwise communicated would be included.  Always include charging cables with electric cars.  


    Under no circumstance should you deliver your vehicle title to your driver or buyer.  If you have your title, you’ll send it directly to Caramel using the prepaid label we send you.

  • What do I need to make sure happens when the car is picked up?

    If you hand the vehicle directly to your seller, just make sure to include the items you received with the car.  If your car is picked up by a transport company, they should always complete an inspection and ask you to sign a bill of lading, which records any damage prior to pick-up.

  • How do I reschedule?

    If your buyer is picking up the car, please contact them directly.  If your car is being delivered to your buyer, please contact our shipping partner at: support@runbuggy.com | 1-888-872-8449

  • My buyer wants to test drive the car. Should I let them?

    While it’s up to you, Caramel allows test drives.  Your buyer is able to cancel a transaction up until the time they or their transport driver leaves with the car.  So if your buyer requires one, it can be important to allow a test drive in order to complete your sale.


    Safety first.  Please make sure you are and feel safe during any test drive.  Bring someone with you if you can.  And don’t travel too far or for too long.