• How do I contact Caramel?

    You can email us at support@drivecaramel.com. Our customer support hours are 7 am - 5 pm PT Monday - Friday and 9 am - 5 pm PT Saturday & Sunday.

  • What is Caramel?

    Caramel is an app and website that makes buying someone's vehicle or selling your own simple, safe, & sweet. You don’t list your vehicle with us, and you don’t shop or browse on Caramel. But once you find your car or buyer, Caramel handles everything for you. That includes paperwork, secure payment, title transfer and registration, and verification. With the option to add vehicle protection, digital inspection, finance, insurance, and transport.    

  • Why is Caramel the safest way to buy someone’s vehicle or sell your own vehicle?

    • Multiple layers of identity verification technology, biometrics, & vehicle reporting authenticate buyer, seller, & vehicle.

    • With secure & traceable digital payment, wiring money to a stranger for a vehicle is a thing of the past. Caramel holds funds in escrow until the car and title are delivered. So buyers know they’ll get what they’ve paid for, and sellers know a trustworthy source will fund them quickly.

    • Sellers can perform a digital self-inspection of their vehicle, with the results verified & assessed by an independent third-party.

  • Why is Caramel the simplest way to buy someone’s vehicle or sell your own vehicle?

    • We take care of all of the title & paperwork, saving buyers & sellers countless hours in line at the DMV.
    • Integrated into our streamlined checkout experience, financing, vehicle protection, insurance & delivery are all only a tap or click away.
  • Why is Caramel the sweetest way to buy someone’s vehicle or sell your own vehicle?

    With simplicity & safety at the core of everything Caramel does, we make the private party sale process more delightful for buyer & seller.

  • How does Caramel keep my identity safe?

    We keep your information safe and secure with advanced data encryption. We never share your data without your consent. And we never sell your data.