• What is protection?

    Protection refers to our vehicle service contract, Caramel Care, which is like an extended warranty and protects your vehicle against costly mechanical repairs or unforeseen circumstances. Caramel Care covers various mechanical components and often includes roadside assistance and towing.  


    Exact coverage varies by vehicle, and you can click on the More Details link in your Caramel Care page to view all of the items covered. 

  • Is protection required?

    No. Vehicle Protection is completely optional. Simply tap or click “Skip Protection.”

  • Is Caramel Care cancelable?

    You can cancel anytime and receive a refund for the unused portion of your plan.  Simply go to your vehicle in the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard, click Caramel Care, and dial the contact number provided to cancel your policy.

  • What if my car still has any of its manufacturer’s warranty remaining?

    Your car’s manufacturer’s warranty is good until expired.  Caramel Care will pick up where it leaves off and may cover repairs excluded from your manufacturer.

  • I bought Caramel Care. Who do I contact for questions or claims?

    Caramel Care is provided by partners of ours who specialize in vehicle protection products.  Go to the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard to find your vehicle and click Caramel Care.  There you’ll find your provider’s details and contact information to ask questions and make claims.

  • How does financing work with Protection products?

    If you finance your car, you can usually finance Protection as part of your monthly payment.  We’ll automatically give you this option when available.  If not, we still give you an option to finance Protection products through a separate lending partner. In this case, you’ll be set up on autopay and receive a welcome letter after your purchase with a link to access account information and make changes.

  • Does Caramel offer anything outside of a vehicle services contract?

    We do not at this time.