• What are my options to get my vehicle?

    You can choose delivery or pickup. If you choose pickup, you will arrange a time directly with your seller after completing your transaction. If you choose delivery, you will be able to opt for open transport or enclosed transport.

  • What is the difference between open transport and enclosed transport?

    Open transport is typically less expensive than enclosed transport. With open transport, your vehicle will be transported in an uncovered truck with phone/email customer support. With enclosed transport, your vehicle will be transported in a covered truck with a dedicated customer support representative for white glove service. Both options include live delivery tracking.

  • How do I know I’m getting a good rate?

    We submit your shipment to a marketplace of thousands of trucks to return competitive prices in all cases.

  • How do I track my car?

    If you click on the transaction in your Dashboard, you’ll see a link right there to track delivery until you receive your car.

  • How do I contact you for updates or issues?

    When you access the sale from your Dashboard, you’ll be able to track delivery and find contact information for our shipping partner.  Click Track Delivery if the sale is under Active Transactions, or click the Transport button if the sale is under Previous Transactions.  


    Our shipping partner’s contact information is: support@runbuggy.com | 1-888-872-8449.   This is the best place to direct shipping-related questions and issues. 

  • How long does it typically take to have my car shipped?

    It typically takes 5-7 days from the time you sign your documents until your car is picked up.  Delivery times can range from one day to over a week, depending on factors like distance of travel and weather.

  • What happens if my car is damaged by the driver?

    All drivers have a Commercial Driver’s License and valid insurance, which is in place to cover your car in the case of damage. Drivers are required to take a photo inspection of the car upon pick-up and drop-off and photos are logged with our transport team.  After you receive your car, you’ll have 72 hours to report damage. To do so, you can contact our transport team after delivery by navigating to your car in the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard and clicking Transport. 


    Damage during transport is only covered if it’s due to negligence on part of the driver.  This means some chips, scratches, dents and even mechanical items may not be covered by the insurance policies that cover our drivers.  

  • What should I do or check when my car is delivered?

    Your driver is required to complete a photo inspection upon delivery and ask you to sign a bill of lading, which records any damage prior to pick-up.

  • How do I reschedule transport?

    If you select your car in the Active Transactions section of your Dashboard, you can click ‘Track Delivery’ to reach our transport team through phone or email, who will do their best to reschedule for you.