• After signing, where will I access these documents?

    You will receive an email with all of the documents you signed. You will also be able to access them anytime in the Previous Transactions section of your Dashboard.

  • How do I notarize documents needed to register my car in my state?

    If any of your registration documents need to be notarized, we automatically link you to notarize.com during the Signature step.  You’ll be connected with an online notary, sign and notarize the forms, and then be linked back to Caramel to complete checkout. We do not mark up this service, which is $25.

  • What happens if I fill out a form incorrectly?

    You can chat with our support team, and we’ll resend the form to you directly through Docusign.

  • What documents am I required to sign?

    We automatically populate all required documents to complete your purchase and allow Caramel to properly transfer the title to you and register you in your state.  There are other documents that only certain buyers sign as they are based on optional selections made during checkout.


    When you sign documents with Caramel, you are in fact buying the car from us.  We operate as a licensed dealer to complete the sale, title transfer and registration. 

  • Why do I need to give Caramel the “Power of Attorney” to sign for me?

    Caramel needs to complete the 'Buyers' title reassignment section on the back of your seller’s vehicle title and other potential DMV forms in order to transfer title and register you. To sign on your behalf, we need to have this document signed. Once we’ve completed all signatures, this power of attorney will be submitted to the DMV within the registration and title package.