• Can I cancel a sale anytime?

    You can click the Cancel button underneath any transaction in your Dashboard until the car is delivered by the seller to the buyer or transport company.  


    If a seller cancels a sale after the buyer has signed their paperwork, a $250 fee applies. At this point, the buyer may have gone through hard credit inquiries and paid for insurance. So we discourage cancellations this late in a sale.

  • Does Caramel charge a fee?

    New buyer pricing.pngSeller.png

    Caramel charges a buyer document processing fee of $95, though we reserve the right to waive or reduce this or any fee at our discretion.  All or part of the buyer document processing fee can be subtracted from the seller’s payment so that it’s waived for the buyer, if the seller agrees.  In some cases, Caramel reserves the right to increase the buyer document processing fee up to $295. For example, a lender may require extensive administrative services or document processing by Caramel to collect added documentation before funding the loan.  Or a buyer’s state DMV may require extensive documentation to transfer the title and register a buyer.  Or Caramel may be required to process added documentation to support the EV tax credit.  The amount charged for buyer document processing fees will always be clearly displayed for the buyer’s review and assessment before completing any purchase, and please contact us upfront with any questions.

    For sellers, Caramel waives its base service fee for vehicle sales with a purchase price above $1,000. However, Caramel reserves the right to charge a $95 service fee, which is netted out of the seller’s payment, if there is a lien on the vehicle that must be cleared, or the title is not in the seller’s name, or the vehicle’s sale price is less than $1,000.

  • How do I create a Caramel account?

    It’s easy. All you need to create a Caramel account is a U.S. mobile phone number and an email address.