• I received my temporary registration, now what? 

     Based on your state's guidelines, we’ve sent you the appropriate number of temporary registration tags to affix to the front and/or back of your vehicle. If you’ve received only one, then your state only requires you to place it on the back of your vehicle. If you’ve received two, then your state requires you to place them on the front and back of your vehicle. Typically, these are placed in the same place as your license plate. If you have a plastic sleeve to place these in we’d recommend using it. Although this is not mandatory, this will help protect your tags until your permanent registration and license plates are received. You can print the temporary registration out on standard paper.

  • I received temporary registration for another state, why?

    Caramel is a licensed dealer in this state, and the temporary registration enables you to legally operate your vehicle in your state. At the same time, we work with your state’s DMV to get your permanent plates and registration issued ASAP in your home state.

  • When does my temporary registration expire?

    Your temporary registration is valid for 40 days.

  • My temporary registration is expiring soon, what now?

    If your temporary registration is set to expire in less than 5 days please contact Caramel so that we can send you an additional one.