• How does in-state and out-of-state registration work, and is Caramel handling it?

    Caramel will handle all of the registration and title paperwork processing on behalf of you and your lender, if applicable. This includes out-of-state transactions. Most, if not all, DMV forms are signed by you during your checkout process. We also collect the appropriate DMV fees at this time. These DMV forms, fees and your seller’s title are all submitted to the DMV in order to complete your registration, issue your license plates and your vehicle title. 


    If for some reason Caramel needs additional information, forms and/or fees, a Caramel Title & Registration Specialist will be in contact with you.

  • Can I register my vehicle myself?

    Yes, if this is something you prefer to handle on your own, we can accommodate. However, Caramel will need to transfer the seller’s title into your name and list the appropriate lienholder, if applicable, before doing this. This will take several weeks depending on your state. Once this occurs, the title will be sent to you, or your lender, from your state DMV’s office. Once the title is received, you can complete the registration process yourself.

  • When will I receive my registration and license plates?

    Depending on your state, this typically takes 45-60 business days from the time they receive a complete registration package.  All major holidays should be considered. Your registration and license plates will be sent from the DMV to the address you provided Caramel.

  • Will Caramel notify me when my registration has been sent to me?

    As soon as we’re made aware that your registration and license plates have been issued, we send you a notification with an estimated time of arrival.

  • I received my registration and license plates. Now what?

    This is great news! Depending on your state, you’ll receive 1 or 2 license plates, registration and license plate stickers. Apply the license plate stickers to your license plates and install your license plates on your vehicle. If you only receive 1 license plate, install it on the back of your car. Keep the registration in your vehicle. Safe driving!

  • Why am I being charged the fees and taxes, and what if they’re wrong?

    We do not mark up DMV fees or state taxes and use a national service to calculate them as precisely as possible.  If we charge too much, we refund the difference.

  • Why was I notified to complete a vehicle inspection and upload the inspection report?

    Your state requires that your vehicle be inspected for emissions, safety and/or to ensure the VIN# is correct. For Caramel to register and title your vehicle, the vehicle must “pass” this inspection. The report is needed to send to the DMV as proof of completion and passing your state's protocol.

  • Why am I being asked to complete a vehicle emissions test and/or a VIN verification in order to complete my registration?

    Certain states require that a vehicle being registered for the first time in their state or a vehicle that has changed ownership complete these inspections. Not until these are completed and passed can your vehicle then be registered.

  • I bought a classic/vintage vehicle and selected ‘Yes’ to my usage qualifying for classic/vintage registration. Will my registration be different?

    Yes, as long as your car qualifies, which we check for you.  In this case, please note that depending upon your state, you may have limited usage of your classic/vintage vehicle. In most cases, the vehicle can only be operated as a collector’s item, including participation in club activities, exhibitions, tours, parades, and can not be used for general transportation purposes.

  • Why is Caramel asking me to sign more registration paperwork?

    Your state requires additional forms in order to register your vehicle.  Please complete and email or chat the form to us as soon as possible to avoid added delays in completing your registration.

  • Will Caramel register my vehicle in a different state than my residency?

    Unfortunately, states require you to have a residency where you register your car.

  • I lost my registration, will Caramel send me a new one?

    We’re sorry to hear this. In most cases, you as the registered owner can apply for replacement registration and/or license plates through your state DMV’s online portal for a fee.

  • Why did I receive my title and registration package asking me to complete?

    In cases where we’re unsuccessful at obtaining the necessary documents or requirements from you required to title and register your vehicle, we’ll send you your title package in order for you to complete your title transfer and register your vehicle at your local DMV office. You’ll need to go to your local DMV and submit the package for processing.