• I paid cash for my vehicle. When will I receive my title?

    Depending on your state, this typically takes anywhere from 45-60 business days from the time they receive the title and complete registration package.  All major holidays should be considered. Your title will be sent from the DMV to the address you provided Caramel.

  • What if my title is not in my name?

    We will need the title to be transferred to your name, proving to the DMV  you are the current owner of the vehicle. This will prevent any delays in paperwork and processing times with the DMV.

  • What if I dont have my title?

    You will need to apply for a duplicate title through your state DMV.  This title will be needed to show proof of ownership during your checkout process and will also need to be physically sent to Caramel prior to payment.

  • Why do I have to send Caramel my title before being paid?

    We need to ensure that Caramel can successfully register and transfer title to your buyer.  If the car has been picked up, we fund immediately upon receipt.

  • Why did the DMV send me a notice to renew my registration or that my registration lapsed after I sold my car through Caramel?

    In some cases you need to notify your DMV that you’ve sold your car, which you can often do on their website.  If your DMV asks you for an address for Caramel, you can use: 

    Caramel Dealer Services, LLC: 2829 Great Northern Loop, Suite 214, Missoula, MT 59808.